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Looking for an animation studio in Amsterdam? You’re in the right place at Little Sheep Animation Studio. Why? With us you are in control. For example, put together your own package!

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Animations in Amsterdam

From script to video

In collaboration with you, we produce a successful script. We then provide a powerful animation and, of course, a clear voice-over.

From start to finish you are closely involved in every step and adjustments are always possible. This way, the animation is completely in line with your wishes and needs.

Are you still in the exploratory phase? That’s all right. We have listed a number of popular animation styles for you.

Have an explainer animation made in Amsterdam

Do you sell an unusual product? Is it difficult for people to immediately have a picture of your service? Or is it even difficult for your target group to understand your message?

Don’t worry, we have the solution: a clear explainer animation. With this we make a complicated message easy to understand for your target group in Amsterdam.

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3D animation from Amsterdam

Do you need a lifelike rendering for your project? Or a very detailed animation for a specific product or service?

Then a 3D animation is the best choice. We sketch a realistic world of a high standard. There is no better way to convince your target audience of your plans.

Have infographic animation made in Amsterdam

Do you have an enormous amount of data and do you want to make it understandable for your customers or executives? Or would you like to present the annual figures in a different way?

In these cases, an animated infographic is the ideal solution. With this we turn complicated data into inspiring visualizations.

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Animation commercial from Amsterdam

Do you need an attractive advertisement? Without having to hire all actors, camera and sound people?

An animation commercial is an excellent choice. With this you quickly have a convincing commercial for your organization from Amsterdam on short term.

Have Motion Graphics made in Amsterdam

Do you want to present your product or service in a powerful way? Do you also want to activate your target group with a clear animation?

Then you are looking for Motion Graphics. This is a popular way to shape, proclaim and amplify a message in the form of an animated film.

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Contact Little Sheep

Interested and do you want to know more about having an animation made by Little Sheep Animation Studio? Feel free to contact us today.

We are happy to discuss all the options with you while enjoying a cup of coffee. Let’s make a nice animation video together!

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