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Are you dealing with a complex subject? Or a process that cannot be filmed? Then having an animated instructional video made is a good choice.

The power of image, sound and animation

Certain things are difficult to explain with just words. The subject is not suitable or it is too complex. A visualisation in the form of an animated instructional video offers a solution.

Image and sound have traditionally been the best response to our brains. The advertising world has been using this for decades. Just think of internet videos, TV commercials and radio commercials. And our animations, of course!

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The added value of an instructional video

With an animated instructional video you have full control over the explanation. Everything can be created. Sometimes we zoom in on the smallest detail, other times we zoom out to see the greater picture.

These possibilities reinforce the explanation. This makes the difference between an unclear and a clear explanation for your target group. This can also be done via an explanation animation.

Clarity in word and image

Whether it concerns portraying complicated processes in an organization or explaining how to tie a knot, an instruction video always provides clarity. Everyone can see and hear your story.

An animated instructional video gets right to the heart of the matter. It is easy to portray crucial actions and thanks to a matching voice-over it is even easier for the viewer to follow.

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How do you have an instructional video made?

We always start with a good conversation, in other words a strategy session. During this meeting we determine the core message together and determine the target group.

Then we write a clear script. Then we choose a good voice-over and we create the animation. Finally, we also take all your feedback into account. Ideal, right?

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